Author: Mark Turnbull
Version: 1.0.0
License: Dual Licensed - choose MIT or GPL Licenses

The sortTable() plugin utilises the JQuery Javascript Library to provide client-side Table sorting capabilities.

A single line of code can make any HTML Table sortable


ID Name Date Amount
1 Albert Green 1 September 2012 £1.75
2 Emma Smith 20 October 2012 £0.17
3 John Brown 30 November 2012 £20.15
4 Teresa Green 9 March 2012 £5.00

Set a few configuration options to control which columns are sortable along with an initial sort column on page load

dateFormat: 'DMY',

ID Name Date Amount
1 Albert Green 01/09/2012 £1.75
2 Emma Smith 20/10/2012 £0.17
3 John Brown 30/11/2012 £20.15
4 Teresa Green 09/03/2012 £5.00

The above options perform the following tasks:


This PlugIn represents my first foray into JQuery PlugIn Development (I am first and foremost an developer but please don't hold it against me), I would love to receive any feedback and would welcome enhancements or improvements via the contact form.