Merge, Split, Organise & Annotate your PDF documents with the ultimate PDF manipulation tool.

Simply select one or more PDF documents and be presented with a virtual view of your new document ready for manipulation using a feature packed set of tools.

Merge Want to combine multiple PDF documents? Your chosen PDFs are merged into a new virtual document in the order you specify ready for viewing in the advanced PDF viewer or saved directly to your device using the quick merge facility.

Split Create a new PDF by extracting one or more pages from existing PDFs. Combine the Merge and Split functionality to extract pages from multiple documents into a new PDF. Optionally, choose to split your page selection as images (PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF) with a customisable background colour.

Organise Use the advanced viewer functionality to delete pages one by one or in bulk, easily move pages using simple up and down buttons, drag and drop or the Page Actions menu for bulk operations. Use the handy rotate function to ensure all pages are displayed correctly.

Annotate Collaborate with colleagues by annotating your PDFs using the feature rich mark up toolkit. Use the freehand tool to add handwritten comments and drawings or use the shape tools (Line, Rectangle, Ellipse) to highlight key areas of your document in a variety of colours and styles. Don’t worry if your handwriting isn’t great as the Text tool allows neat keyboard input.

Advanced PDF Viewing Easily view and navigate your new virtual PDF document with zooming and panning, thumbnail view and a page Organiser. Quickly jump to a specific page by entering its number or select multiple pages using touch or entering a page range.

Password Protection PDF Binder Pro can open password protected PDFs without issue and also provides the option to save your completed document to your device using password protection.

Comprehensive User Guide Get the most out of PDF Binder Pro by referring to a comprehensive user guide with step by step instructions for the wealth of features!