MyGateway | Sage Pay Transaction Reporting

Keep up to date with your Sage Pay transactions without the need to constantly log in and out of MySagePay. This app will automatically connect to Sage Pay to download your daily or historical transactions.

Whilst the current date is selected the app will poll Sage Pay at your desired interval to retrieve any new transactions. A currency grouped summary provides high level information but don’t worry if you are more interested in the detail as you can drill down to individual transactions too.

This app can connect to both the Test and Live Sage Pay servers and can be configured to Include Customer Addresses (this option is disabled by default) and also provides the option to translate transaction dates from the native Sage Pay UK time zone to your local time zone.


Your data is safe! This app downloads your transactions using a secure, encrypted connection to Sage Pay, this offers the same high level of protection as logging in directly to the MySagePay portal via your web browser.

The downloaded transactions only exist within your device memory whilst the app is running and will disappear as soon as the app is closed. The downloaded data is not saved to your device file system so cannot be retrieved or viewed outside of this app.

By default, this app is in test mode and can connect to Sage Pay Test Servers; you can post test transactions by logging in to your test account at Go Live with a simple selection within the configuration screen.

As an additional layer of security this app does not download customer address data by default; if you wish to receive this data please enable the “Include Addresses” option within the configuration screen.

Your Sage Pay credentials are securely stored within Windows Credential Manager. This facility is part of the Windows Operating System and is the default location for securely storing your web site and app credentials.

You can review your stored credentials at any time by typing Credential Manager at the Windows Start Screen